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Shocklines.com is the brainchild of Matt Schwartz. Back in 1995, Schwartz created and maintained the original HorrorNet.com, a hub of horror websites designed to promote the horror fiction community. In addition to providing one of the first horror-fiction-based chatrooms and message boards, the site contained mini-sites for dozens of small press publishers, horror authors, and horror magazines, including Cemetery Dance, Gauntlet Press, George R. R. Martin, Douglas Clegg, Edward Lee, Subterranean Press, Borderlands Press, Ray Garton, and countless others.

When HorrorNet.com caught the eye of the powers that be at Barnes & Noble, Schwartz was hired on to be one of the first employees at barnesandnoble.com, handling all of their genre fare and limited edition sales, and eventually rising to editorial director.

After that, Schwartz continued to wreak havoc on the .com world, taking a couple of VP of E-commerce gigs for niche sites like NextPlanetOver.com and Games.com (a former subsidiary of Hasbro), but ultimately decided to return his true love, horror.

In late 2000, Schwartz began selling horror books full-time via ebay under the name of SpinMatt Auctions, which was the forerunner to Shocklines.com, a site that aims to be the one-stop shop for horror-related merchandise on the web, with a focus on horror fiction and poetry as well as artwork and related areas.

What's next for Shocklines.com? You tell us -- what do you want to see us carry that we're not currently carrying? How can we make our service better for you? Feel free to drop Matt a line directly at matt@shocklines.com and let him know.

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