Brian Keene's <br>"Til Death Do Us Part" <br>Sweepstakes


How would you like to be with Brian Keene until death do you part? Because on May 8th, one lucky winner will have that opportunity for the rest of their life!

Announcing Brian Keene’s ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ contest: Purchase a copy of FEAR OF GRAVITY before March 5th and you could win a free, signed, personalized copy of every future book Brian Keene writes--for life! Every novel! Every collection! Every hardcover! Every paperback! Every foreign edition! EVERYTHING! You will receive every book written by Keene until death (his or yours) intervenes.


1. You must purchase either a limited edition hardcover or deluxe edition of FEAR OF GRAVITY before Midnight (EST) of March 5th, 2004 from a participating retailer of which is one.

2. Purchases from other than a participating retailers will not be eligible for this contest.

3. Purchases made after the deadline will not be eligible for the contest.

4. Purchase of a limited edition equals one chance to win. Purchase of a deluxe edition equals three chances to win.

5. One winner per household, per life. Winner will be drawn at random on March 8th, 2004 and notified the same day.

6. Life-long winner will receive one free, signed, personalized copy of every book written by Brian Keene (and any related pseudonym) from Fear of Gravity onward, including all limited edition hardcovers, trade hardcovers, trade paperbacks, mass-market paperbacks, graphic novels, comic books, audio books, chapbooks, e-books, and other related media. Non-applicable items are any lettered or deluxe editions, screenplays, telecasts, movies, DVDs, or unpublished works.

7. In the case of a collaborative work, the item shall be inscribed solely by Brian Keene.

8. Duration of contest is until the death of Brian Keene or the winner.

9. Contest is sponsored solely by Brian Keene. and their related affiliates are not responsible or legally bound by contest, other than to provide a list of the contestant names. No other information will be provided to Brian Keene with the exception of the winning contestant’s full name and mailing address.

10. Brian Keene will be responsible for all postage, etc. Winner is responsible for providing a forwarding address in case of a move.

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