The Shocklines Collectors Email Discussion List

Hey gang, I've set up an email discussion list for serious collectors of horror fiction. To be clear -- this has nothing to do with the daily or weekly newsletters!. This is an open discussion list via email where YOU and other members can post your thoughts, opinions, recommendations, etc. of collectible and small-press horror publications.

You can discuss anything you want -- the production quality, the quality of the writing, the value in regards to the price, the artwork, or anything like that. Whatever you want, as long as it relates to collectible or small press horror books and magazines.

This is an unmoderated group -- we won't step in and remove anyone from membership unless they're spamming the group mercilessly or constantly straying way off topic. You are free to criticize or praise books, publishers, (and even as much as you want -- this is YOUR list.

Important Note -- This is NOT a newsgroup for publishers and distributors to come on and promote or sell items. This is meant as a serious discussion list for readers and collectors where they can voice their opinions without getting hit by advertisements, spam, etc. Those authors, publishers, or other people doing any kind of spam on this list (even if horror-related) will be put on moderated status or banned.

Why am I doing this? For two reasons:

1) I'm a collector, and I'd love a place to find out which books out there I'm missing that I should be making sure I pick up (and knowing which books to avoid).

2) It helps me with -- if there are types of books people want, or qualities in books people are unhappy with, it helps me make decisions on how to stock, and helps me recommend items to non-collectors.

That's it. So join, have fun, and let everyone know your opinions.

Matt Schwartz

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