Put Your Credit Card on File

We've had multiple requests for people who dislike having to enter their credit card into the system every time they place a new order.

If you want us to keep a single credit card of yours on file that we should charge whenever you place an order, add this item to your cart and check out (you won't be charged the one penny.)

From here on out, anytime you make a purchase that you want to use your "on-file credit card" for, choose "Bill my on-file credit card" under payment options during the checkout process.

You can still place an order the old-fashioned way at any time, using a different card or different payment method.

If you submit a card that you want us to keep on file, and then want to change that card at some point or update it, email me at matt@shocklines.com and I'll provide instructions on how to update your "on-file credit card."


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Applicable to U.S. orders only.
International orders should email us at help@shocklines.com for a shipping quote.



Please note that because some of the items we sell may be inappropriate for children, you must be 18 years old to purchase from us.

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