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The new novel, Thy Fearful Symmetry, is scheduled to begin its first installment the week of June 23rd, and each week you'll get one (or sometimes two) email(s) featuring a chapter of approximately 3,000 words. The eserial is scheduled to run approximately four months, and should end up somewhere in the 50,000 - 60,000 word range. You'll be reading this novel as it's being written -- and you'll have the ORIGINAL version (if it's published in hardcopy later, you never know what changes there will be -- but you will have the one and only original!)

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“In a genre where some of the most respected voices can’t seem to get past vampires and serial killers, Wright doles out startlingly original ideas like he’s throwing stones.” -- Louis Maistros, The Chiaroscuro, and author of The Big Punch

“Richard Wright is not afraid to take risks... his dexterity is dazzling.” -- Hellnotes

“This, you will find yourself thinking when you come up for air, is a major talent. Here is an author you could lose some sleep over. You might want to take a breather - sit back and let your heart rate return to normal - before you tackle Wright again.” -- Lisa DuMond, SFSite

About the novel:

When you break the rules at work, you pay the consequences. Pandora broke the rules, and her manager is furious. Pandora is an angel. Her manager is God. The consequences are beyond imagining.

When you break the rules at work, kick the manager in the teeth, slam his fingers in the desk drawer, and puncture his tyres as you leave the building, you might expect to lose more than your job. Ambrose is a demon. His manager is Lucifer. None of the countless evils Ambrose has perpetrated through the centuries compare with what the legions of damnation want to do to him.

“Thou shalt not love thine opposite.” Good shall not love Evil. Evil shall not love good. It seemed such a small rule. Ambrose and Pandora broke it.

Heaven and Hell are hunting them. Nobody on Earth can help them. Worst of all, the fabric of the Universe is unravelling around them, the Apocalypse has been brought forward a millennium, and it might all be their fault.

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